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Frequently Asked Questions
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Novum APR - Advanced Pain Relief.  Spray your pain away in minutes!  Great for back pain, knee pain, arthritis, tendonitis, sore muscles and joints.

Following are questions received by Novum Solutions, Inc. about Muscle Wonder Spray and NOVUM APR (R).  We hope these questions and answers will help you determine that our products are the right solution for you in your situation.

Q.  What is the difference between Muscle Wonder Spray and NOVUM APR (R)?

From a product content standpoint Muscle Wonder Spray and NOVUM APR(R) are exactly the same products.  Only the name and packaging have been changed.  Because of the effectiveness of the product at relieving pain in joints and tendons, we felt the name Muscle Wonder Spray was limiting in its application.  NOVUM APR (R) - Advanced Pain Relief more clearly communicates the accross the board Pain Relief customes achieve using our products.  We hope you agree!

Q.  Why is NOVUM APR different from other over the counter pain relief products?

NOVUM APR(R) works so well, because of its precise, unique formulation.  Unknown to some, the "Amount" or "Percentage" of a particular ingredient does not necessarily determine its effectiveness!  Often, if a certain ingredient is combined with others in a solution, its effectiveness is diminished.  It only requires a microscopic amount of a particular ingredient to reach a nerve ending in order to reduce pain or inflammation.  The secret is to get that microscopic amount of ingredient, to the area where it is required!!  Adding "MORE" of the pain relieving or inflammation-reducing ingredient is not necessarily the answer!

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Q.  Is NOVUM APR(R) approved by the FDA?

NOVUM APR(R) is approved by the FDA as an Over the Counter (OTC) medication for pain relief.  It is manufactured and bottled in an FDA approved facility in Houston, Texas and NDC # are now listed on the bottles.

Q.  What kinds of pain will NOVUM APR(R) be effective against?

NOVUM APR(R)  is recommended for virtually all aches and pains involving muscles and joints.  But specifically it is recommended by doctors, pharmicists and therapists for:  

Arthritis Pain, Backaches,  Stiff Joints, Tendonitis, Sprains,  Sore Muscles, Strains,  Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Bruises, Fibromyalgia,  Muscle Pulls & Strains,  Stiff Necks,  Ankles and Feet,  Sports Injuries,  and Knee Pain.


Q.  Can NOVUM APR(R) be used for any other purposes?


NOVUM APR(R) has proven to be effective at relieving itching and irration from mosquito, chigger and red ant bites.  Simple spray the bite and feel the itch and pain go away!


Q.  How often can I use NOVUM APR(R)?


NOVUM APR(R)  can be applied as necessary to stop the pain.  Generally, with the duration of the results, it can be used up to four or five times in a day.


Q.  Is NOVUM APR(R) safe for use by pregnant women?

NOVUM APR(R) has not been tested for use by pregnant women or women who might become pregnant.  We recommend you consult your doctor prior to using NOVUM APR(R) if you are pregnant or think you may become pregnant.  Mother's who are nursing should also consult their physician prior to using this product.  A Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) is available for your doctor if requested.  E-mail requests to

Q.  How long will the effects of NOVUM APR(R) last? 


Of course, everyone is different and your results may vary, but generally the efeects of NOVUM APR(R) last from three to six hours.  This will vary based upon the type of pain, the quantity applied and how rapidly your body processes the spray.


Q.  Can I buy NOVUM APR(R) directly from Novum Solutions?


NOVUM APR(R) is sold through a network of independent factory representatives, internet stores and retail outlets.  If there is not a local store in your area, you may purchase directly from our online store.  For a list of other places where you can buy our products visit our Store Locator Page or call us at 713-591-9039.


Q.  I have a retail store or online store, can I buy NOVUM APR(R) wholesale to sell in my store?


Absolutely!  Our "Where to Buy" page has a list of wholesale distributors where you can purchase NOVUM APR(R) wholesale for your store.  If your favorite distributor is not listed there, please contact us directly at or call us at 713-591-9039.  We will be glad to add you to our growing list of dealers.


Q.  Can I rub NOVUM APR(R) into my sore muscles or joints?


NOVUM APR(R) works by creating a thermal blanket to penetrate deep into the muscle tissue and joints to provide fast, effective pain relief.  Rubbing the muscles and joints after application will actually decrease the effectiveness of NOVUM APR(R) .  Therefore, we recommend, DO NOT RUB!


Q.  What do I do if I spray NOVUM APR(R) into my eyes?

IT HURTS!  We do not recommend that NOVUM APR(R) be sprayed directly on the face.  If NOVUM APR(R) should accidentally come in contact with your eyes, flush with water for about 15 minutes and seek medical attention if pain persists.

Q.  Can I use NOVUM APR(R) with insect bites?

Yes!  NOVUM APR(R)  has been reported to stop the pain and itching associated with mosquitoes and other insect bites and stings.

Q.  Are there any reported side effects with the use of NOVUM APR(R)?

No, there are no reported side effects when  NOVUM APR(R) is used as directed.  If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any of our ingredients, we recommend you apply the spray to a small are and watch for any reaction.  If you are not sure, contact your physician prior to using NOVUM APR(R) .

If you have any other questions about NOVUM APR(R) please email us at




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